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Acupuncture For Shingles – And Everything Else

Several years ago, I sought acupuncture treatment for a series of headaches I had been having for weeks. That first experience ended in a full-blown panic attack complete with sweat pouring off my body and severe nausea. I learned two things – acupuncture was capable of eliciting VERY acute responses and that I had chosen the wrong practitioner for me.

Acupuncture for Cancer | Knight Cancer Institute | OHSU

Fast forward to my horrible bout with shingles and I was in a very desperate situation. I was at the end of my rope with conventional, western medicine. My pain was extraordinary and I could not sleep or eat. My regular doctor, an immunologist and a pain management doctor tried a few modalities with no or detrimental impact. It was scary and devastating. When a dear friend suggested I see her acupuncture doctor, I was more than leery. ‘She is wise and gentle and I think she can help you.’ I had to try something.

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