A friend of mine recently posted this on her Facebook page.

I know this to be the truth. I have lived it many times over. I am working really hard to be proactive and build in the things into my days that cultivate health and wellness, so that my body does not have to make that choice for me.

For the first 34 years of my life, I went to church on Sundays (and other days of the week too). but I stopped doing that. That’s a different story for different day. Since then, I have had many ideations of what Sundays have been comprised of. My newest philosophy is that Sundays should fill my bucket. You know, that one with the hole in it?!

Chores and commitments definitely spill over. Brook House will gladly gobble up every Sunday with new tasks and ‘to dos’. They claw and paw at me like grubby little toddlers. I have to remind myself that the chores, unlike grubby toddlers, can wait one more day or week.

My goal is to fill Sunday with activities that I want to do and with people that I love. Sundays should be for bucket-filling with things like long hikes, waffles and movies, friends and family. It should be packed to the brim with crochet projects, patio sitting and pot luck suppers.

It’s a different kind of church. It’s my new religion.

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