Sunday Scenes – My Birthday Edition

I did NOT have high hopes for my birthday this year. It is wise to not have high hopes about anything right now.

I am one of those moms who REALLY does not need gifts (but I did get a few) – I’d prefer my kids indulge me in a few birthday adventures. I managed to corral all of my kids and my mom for just that.

A bunch of us ended up spending waaaaayyyy too much time watching 80s music videos on youtube for 1/2 of the morning – which was just fine by me. Ethan made me a birthday breakfast, unprompted by anyone else. He was super-pleased with himself. I do not consume ANY of the foods he made for me, but I thanked him. I made myself another breakfast later.

I greeted the beach and the waves, ate tacos and played arcade games. For a little while, all was almost right with the world.

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