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21 Facts About Ethan for World Down Syndrome Day

In case you are not in ‘the know’, World Down Syndrome Day is on 3/21 because Down Syndrome is caused by 3 copies of the 21st chromosome. Cute, right? Just like our guys.

Today’s date has 2 ’21’s in the date – I think that calls for special celebratory methods. Here are 21 fun facts about my Happy Man to celebrate.

  • When I told Dennis that I was <unexpectedly> pregnant, he thought about the dates and proclaimed the Ethan would be born the day the Devils would win their first Stanley Cup. That would have made him born way before his due date. He was born within hours of the win.
  • For the first 24 hours of Ethan’s life, no one suspected there was cause for any concern. It took a week to find out he had Down syndrome.
  • People used to think I was Ethan’s babysitter – they were unaware that young women had babies with DS.
  • Ethan never colored a day in his life until he was prescribed stimulant medications.
  • Ethan’s middle name is Hugh, after my father who died when I was a child. When people are in trouble in the house he refers to them as their own first name and Hugh. Mommy Hugh! Gavin Hugh!
  • On Ethan’s first day of public school they lost him. I told them they would. He was placed somewhere with a much smaller teacher/student ratio after that.
  • Ethan had a diagnosis of “Pediatric Anorexia’ at one point because his eating issues were so severe. Once, on Christmas Day, Dennis had to drive up and down the Garden State Parkway to find an open McDonald’s to find French fries.
  • I am NOT Ethan’s favorite person.
  • Ethan once stripped in a Mcdonald’s Playland Maze and came out with nothing but socks on. I wrapped him in my coat and left.
  • Ethan auditioned for the Guiding Light Soap Opera at 4 months old.
  • Ethan was the model infant for a National Down Syndrome Society campaign.
  • Ethan was a Toys R Us model. He loved seeing himself in ads!
  • Ethan lost his hair after a childhood immunization. He developed two autoimmune disorders. He NEVER cared about his hair. I cried about it for months. Maybe years.
  • Once, Ethan had a 107.1 fever after a different childhood immunization – yes, we realized we had an issue!
  • Ethan has been a coffee-drinker since Pre-K. He used to steal and walk around and drink my Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. He is a BIG coffee drinker – like me, his grandmother, brother and aunt!
  • Ethan’s life was changed drastically when he was given his first iphone. His communication skills have improved every single day with the advances in technology.
  • Ethan once stole the family car and subsequently crashed it.
  • Ethan’s high school graduation prompted an epic 21-day family road trip in an RV. It was amazing.
  • Ethan considers himself to be ‘a ladies man’ and enjoys staging one-knee, flowers-in-hand proposals for his favorite girls.
  • Ethan is somewhat of hoarder with a photographic memory – he could find you an item of your choice in his hoards in minutes – if he feels like it.
  • He has flamboyant and outrageous fashion sense. He recently asked for gold sneakers. I am attempting to placate him with gold headphones.

Ethan is an overall great guy. He adds fun and flavor to our family that I cannot imagine we could possibly experience without him.

Let's Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day | Pujols Family Foundation

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